polygamy and polyandry is already familiar to our ears

Hearing the word monogamy, polygamy and polyandry is already familiar to our ears. Yes, Monogamy is the ideal marriage between one wife and one husband. While polygamy is a marriage of a husband and wife with more than one and the last one even though they sound a bit odd, is polyandry, the marriage a wife with more than one husband. Then what is meant by Polyamori?

Poliamori which in English is written Polyamory is derived from the Greek πολύ (poly) which means a lot and Latin amor means love. Literally, poliamori can be interpreted as a position or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time. In poliamory not require marriage as a bond. Poliamori only emphasizes the interconnected nature of openness between each other. Openness is not only in matters of sex alias beds, but also in terms of taking care of children. To better facilitate your friend polyamori anehdidunia.com within the meaning of this, here we summarize some of the stories polyamori relationships that occur in the world. DOMINO99 DAN POKER ONLINE TERBESAR DI ASIA

1.Triple Gay Marriage In Thailand


Sahabat anehdidunia.com three gay men named Joke, Bell, and Art in the wedding vows Thani Province, Thailand on Valentine’s Day in 2015 ago. Joke and original Art Bell dating when they met at a party. Long story short ketiganyapun fall in love, and when Bell hospitalized with a disease that is not mentioned by name, they decided to get married. But because Thailand does not allow same-sex marriage, they finally held a Buddhist ceremony symbolically, and it is claimed to be the first gay marriage in the world threesomee.

2.Double Lesbians With A Man In California

Melinda and Dani Phoenix are a lesbian couple who live in California, at a time they want a man in their lives. A few months later, they met Jonathan Stein in the classroom building and fell. In the love letters they send, Melinda and Dani wants Jonathan to join in their relationship. Jonathan said yes, and in a short time all three ended up in a relationship until finally Melinda and Dani have children. Their children were born months apart, they divide the work in terms of parenting, breastfeeding, even to matters of sex as well.

3. Triple Lesbian Marriage In Massachusetts

Stories polyamori between Kitten, Brynn, and Doll is a threesome lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts in 2013 ago. At the time of the ceremony the bride all dressed in white, and while they are not legally married to each other, they have lawyers are working on a contract between them. And Kitten is reportedly pregnant, she got the sperm donor of the unnamed.

4. Family Polyamory Adam Lyon

Adam Lyons, a man who openly admitted that he had two lovers. Not only successfully create both beautiful girlfriend was not jealous. He could make them familiar despite living under one roof. Lyons (34) stayed with Brooke Shedd (26) and Jane Shalakhova (25) in LA. Anehdidunia.com their companions a relationship with a different concept than the average person. According to them, a healthy and happy relationship does not have to consist of two people only. Every night, the couple even sleep on a mattress three of them are oversized. All three are also raising their children together. agen bola ,agen bola terpercaya , judi bola

According to The Huffington Post, originally Lyon first relates to Shedd. Both of them lived with their sons, Dante and Oliver, fruit Shedd love with her ex-boyfriend. Despite being happy with the relationship that followed, Lyons and Shedd decided to ‘try something new’ to add a third person between them. Shedd that holds interest in other women admitted that he still want to be associated with a woman even though she loved Adam. “Then we met with Jane and everything seemed perfect. I know Jane is a unique person since I met, “said Lyons

5. Couple Identical Twins With One girlfriend in Australia

Anna and Lucy DeCinque is a pair of identical twins from Australia. They always shared everything, including Facebook accounts, jobs, homes, cars, and even sex partners. They also want to look more similar to each other and eventually had plastic surgery that cost more than $ 240,000, including forming the lip and put breast implants. And wherever they go always together. Both said they’ve had their respective boyfriends, but the way it’s not going well, because they can not always be together again, finally they decided to have a boyfriend that can be shared both. The guy is Ben Byrne mechanic. “Now everything is easier, when a date we could be together, and we are now delighted girlfriend with a situation like this,” he said. taruhan bola,agen togel,bola tangkas

6.Four People Become Five Relationships


Charlie (women) married to Tom, but one year into their relationship, Charlie falls in love with Sarah. However, Sarah already has its own relationship with Chris (male). At first Chris uncomfortable that she likes to see Tom, but Sarah and Tom just limited to friends, and then Chris fell in love with Charlie. Then Charlie and Sarah fall in love, and eventually formed 5 couples (Charlie with Tom, Charlie with Sarah, Chirs with Sarah, Chris with Charlie and the last Tom with Sarah) with only 4 people staying in Sheffield, UK and plan to enjoy the day old co-sama.Benar true relationships are very strange.

How companions anehdidunia.com whether the love story above already describe and explain all the meanings polyamori poliamory itself? for us, it can not be imagined by common sense there are people who do that kind of relationship. Is not the relationship with a partner that you bring along to grandparents was a true happiness? by admin, yes. That’s real love.


Organ Intimate Women Most Unique

Organ Intimate Women Most Unique-discusses the female sex organs are not uncommon  in this world there are some people that is unique to your search on our blog this. Here is the oddity that is owned by a woman who may be proud of the uniqueness. Who are the women who are said to have a body part or organ of the most bizarre? Here’s his review

1.Jasmine Tridevil Has 3 Breast

Breast enlargement surgery is common and many women around the world do. But what would happen if two breast plus one extra breast in the middle? This is actually done by Jasmine Tridevil. He spent about USD 200 million to have a third breast. Jasmine Tridevil (21 years old) is a therapist from Florida, United States. He deliberately increased the number of breast into three because I wanted to be a celebrity. With three breasts, Jasmine think the road to fame easier. Jasmine is obtained after breast surgery a few months ago.agen judi poker online dan domino online uang asli terpercaya

“It is really difficult to find someone willing to do it (add breast surgery), because it would violate the code of ethics,” Jasmine said as reported by news.com.au. “I’ve called about 50 to 60 doctors, none were willing to do,” Jasmine But the dream had come true, now she had three breasts. Last month, he posted a video on Youtube depicting himself was wearing a bikini. Of course there are unusual sights in the chest, because there are three breasts.

Has three breasts felt just like two other breast. It’s just extra breasts should be tattooed on the breast nipple to resemble the original. Despite wasting a lot of money, it’s no problem for Jasmine, she became famous for. This girl does not care about men going away from him, because he did not want a relationship of love. While both parents Jasmine, this decision is very surprising.

“She ran out the door and do not want to talk to me, he even forbade me to talk to my brother. My father .. he was not happy, he was embarrassed by me, but he is willing to accept me,” said Jasmine. The comments immediately arrive, no one suspected it was a fake breasts third and edits only. Some say breast Jasmine similar to one of the characters in the movie Total Recall. There were insulted and thought it strange, some are praised.

2. Hazel Jones Has 2 Mrs V

A beautiful girl into a woman of rare in the world. Hazel Jones has two vaginas and two uteruses. He must lose virginity twice and allowed to have two in the stomach contents. The 27-year-old woman was a resident High Wycombe, England. In the ITV television program Dailymail quoted as saying on Thursday (12/1), Jones states do not feel ashamed to tell them about their two reproduction in itself. “If women want to see, I’m quite happy to show them, it’s not something to be ashamed,” he said. He expressed should lose virginity and felt uncomfortable when the early days of intercourse. But now the blond woman was actually looking very proud of himself.

“I have a great sex life,” he said. Unfortunately, the talk show, it is not mentioned whether Jones is married or not. Dawn Harper, the doctor in charge explains, it happened because of wall insulation on the tube uterus fails to break when Hazel was a baby. Thus, two of the uterus is formed with two vaginas followed. Basically, the case of a double uterus in humans are not uncommon in the medical world, but the incidence of two of the uterus followed two separate vagina is a rare occurrence. agen bola ,sbobet casino,casino sbobet

“One of the 3,000 cases the septum stays within the uterus, but to actually have two separate uterus is much more rare,” said Harper. Harper also reminded to Hazel about the risk of pregnancy when she experienced, and he is more likely to need a caesarean section in later deliveries. “I am very conscious about it. I also experienced two separate pregnancies, “said Hazel. More Read Hazel Jones here

3.A Grown Woman Putting On Foot

Classic expression which says that heaven is under mother’s feet are all too common. Now there are really extraordinary, nipples grow under the heel of a woman believed to be the first case in the world. A 22-year-old woman who was not identified to have a nipple just below the palm of his left leg. The shape is very similar to the original nipple is in the breast, complete with areola (brown area) are prominent.

Not only stand out, nipple diameter of 4 cm is also covered with a few strands of hair smooth like a nipple in general. If photographed in close-up, almost no difference with the original nipple that typically there are only 2 that is in the breasts. “Microscopic examination showed hair and sweat glands, which consists of eccrine and sebaceous. Clinically, this obviously includes supernumerary breast tissue (SBT) or pseudomammae,” said the scientists, as quoted from TheSun. bola tangkas ,ibcbet ,agen casino

The case is believed to be the only one in the world was reported in the latest issue of the journal Dermatology Online. Although relatively rare, supernumerary breast tissue (SBT) or also called the actual extra nipples are common, including the British singer Lilly Allen. But in many cases have ever encountered, extra nipples is only grown in the waist upwards. As reported in the journal, the owner of the nipple on the soles of the feet have never complained of pain in his extra nipples are. In the genealogy of his family, no relatives of both men and women who have had a history of more than two nipples.